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31 Dec


Redemption medium mold


Redemption has just started working on a new medium mold that looks absolutely sick! The cool thing is the difference between the fingerboards taken just out of molds and the finished ones, they look like two different things and that’s what Redemption is the best at. Super hyped and on the look out!

Redemption fingerboards medium mold

More informaciones found here!

29 Dec


Black Diamond decks


Black Diamond decks are now available at Sow Distribution! Clean, medium decks with a variety od nice split-plys and white wood bottoms. Pretty cool!

Black Diamond fingerboard decks

Price: $30

Right here at Sow Distribution!

28 Dec


Star green pole jam


Great wacky pole jam at Ace! You don’t see pole jams that often but this is a pretty nice one (and green!). I hope you can drill a screw through that base so that it connects to a park 😉

Ace fingerboarding green pole jam

Price: $19.99

Click here for their site!

27 Dec


Peoples Republic complete


From a Top Rated seller on ebay, comes a pretty good deal for just beginers. Their complete fingerboard set comes from China, which does raise an alert for more advanced fingerboarders, however it is more than okay for starters.

For around 20 dollars (including shipping) you get a classic, 5 ply wooden fingerboard (30mm) with a set of trucks and bearing wheels. You then have to assemble everything together with an included mini screw driver and are ready to roll!

We will do a review soon, once we get everything on track here at TheFingerboarder (some delays have arisen from our previous plan), and start a nicer review section.

Peoples Republic complete wooden fingerboard

Here is the link for the ebay listing.

26 Dec


Motive modular funbox


From 60 bucks to 50, a sale on some ramps has been launched at Modular. The funbox looks slick and perfected while sturdy and neat. The funbox ‘set’ comes with four connecting pieces that join together with magnets. The combination of black and nice light wood makes this some ramp to have!

Motive Modular funbox

Click here for info! The store is not yet setup but should be in a few days/weeks.

25 Dec


Go Fingerboarding – Philippines


We don’t normally do videos for “New things!” but maybe a try won’t hurt..

Go Fingerboarding day in the Philippines (December 21) looks like a sweet event, just where everyone chills and enjoys the great sport of fingerboarding. The parks look sick and the people look happier than ever. Maybe it’s the warm climate :0

Keepin’ the scene alive!

24 Dec


Metro ramps


After FingerboardTV’s post, I figured I would read a little about Metro ramps here (with a translator of course). I really like their/his idea for this neat obstacle:
Metro ramps

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