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Piratenholz – new classics!

by · May 29, 2012

Wow, look at these decks!! The classic-ness is overwhelming! I mean, if you would take a second to click “Read-More”, you would understand my words. The sweet pirate logo and classic horror style is the powerhouse behind these great new deck graphics. After looking at these great graphics, I couldn’t help to wonder how few people in the world notice fingerboarding. I am sure that wherever you go and when someone sees you fingerboarding, they think it’s that Tech Deck from Walmart. It actually pisses me off to be honest, I know it shouldn’t but somehow it does.

To get back on track, I want to show you my favorite graphic styles from this new collection. Send me a reply if you like another but I’m pretty sure you will agree with me 😀

First we have the new wide “Black Reichsmark” edition featuring two decks at 32mm and one at 30mm (left of the picture). This…. This…. Is just holy stuff. What kind of monster would not fall in love with this deck?! 

Next off the bat in the new series is the “Bowl-Crusher”. WOW, I am starting to love 2012!! This sweet cruiser has the looks, the performance, the graphic, the style, the EVERYTHING@@!#! 

And of cource, we have the “Reichsmark edition limited” that reminds of the Black edition above. It reminds me of throw-up in a good way, with the ‘sad’ colors and cool ‘old-style’ finish. It has a nice layer of gloss to give you the nice after effect (just like in after effects). And then we have the amazing graphic’s put on all the great decks that Piraten produces. All feature nice 30-32mm shapes and a sweet shape related to Yellowood’s Z3. It would be stupid to post all the pictures of these awesome decks here on thefingerboard so, click here to puke more rainbows. Have fun and remember to check out their facebook fan page for more stuff and updates!

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