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Piratenholz – Tresure Chest

by · May 9, 2012

Made in Wesbaden, Germany, this sweet style box has all the space in the world to keep your precious fingerboarding items secure. A really nice graphic on top makes this an even more prestige item to have in your collection. The great quality company of Piratenholz secures that fact. 

There are two types of chests you can choose from:

XL “Iron Lady” (29,95 euros) And the L “PH Banner” (24,95 euros) 

Both only differ in size and the graphics on top. The XL is more efficient because of the size for the price and also has a nicer graphic. Don’t get me wrong, I like the PH banner but it could use some more color in it. Inside there is a nice layer of dark wood paint which adds to the classiness a lot.

I believe you could buy a normal mini-chest for 50 cents on the flea market (that’s what I did) and it works perfectly. Of course, nothing beats the original chest that was made for fingerboarding. And the fact that it’s from Piratenholz is pretty cool.

The price could go down and it should but if you are planning on getting one, choose the XL size, it’s larger and has a bigger graphic that the L size. I can say that maybe it’s worth it, although I highly doubt it (I would have to think more about it).

Go check out the Tresure Chests on the fingerboardstore.de, right here!


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