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PlanktOon – Black Marble ramp

by · June 11, 2012

Holy moly PlanktOon releases a brand new ramp with already some sweet benchmarks. Sweet finish, sweet quality, hard construction, durable, super smooth marble and a billion other features that will blow your mind! This is a non-disputable fact that every fingerboarder should have this. 

It has a heavy weight and carries a nice black marble slice of… marble. You all know the feeling of Winkler’s on marble. Jeez only thinking about it makes me want to scream in harmony of joy. The nice big exotic wood base is chunky, ideal for ramp weight and value. The non-hollow wood makes the perfect ramp making maneuver. In non-sir style language that means that it’s a great idea to make the base out of a chunky piece of wood rather than a weightless paper cut out. This adds to the weight which is crucial to sustaining weight and non-slip for ramps with marble on top!

There is a cool “PlanktOon parks” graphic on both long sides; they nailed it perfectly. This is the type of font, size, everything for badass ramp like this. They top is ultra-smooth polished black marble which looks… amazing! The reflection lies about what is reality and fiction 😛

The size of the ramp could be better, I won’t lie (after all, I have to point out some negative things too… if I find any) since as soon as you land a trick, you have to start a new one to get off the marble top. This ramp should be large enough to land a trick on top, get to ride on in for 2 seconds and start a new trick to land your combo. I see a lot of ramps too short and this isn’t good companies!!

Another thing that toooootally pisses the near **** out of me is the fact that I go on the PlanktOon website and all I see is a description and no freaking info on stock or anything!!!! WHAT IS THIS?! This is outright absurd and more and more companies are doing this!! If there is one thing I don’t understand in this world, it’s that companies give you no info whatsoever, just plain pictures and the hope that you will likely see it in stock in 2 months. Complete, bullshit.

All in all, I can surely say that I love the quality of the ramp overall. I think it is one of the best marble ramps out there so far. Be sure to check out PlanktOon for absolutely no info more than is in this post. Maybe in 4 years you’ll see some hint of a “Parks PPM-01” ramp, whatever the fudge that’s supposed to mean…

Oh and one more thing I have to bring up… why has there been no bought domain name since 2009?


This is so freakily unprofessional.

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