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Planktoon – new FP wheels

by · April 17, 2012

The guys and girls at Planktoon have offered us a brand new wheel collection. We can see new fused colors on top slim wheel base. Planktoon have sweet slim wheels that every fingerboarder should appreciate. “…so you better get yours fast, this shit will sold out fast.” – Planktoon.

For me and probably a lot of other fingerboarders value Planktoon for their effort to create the best wheels, in particular their slim wheels. I honestly have to say that I prefer regular or even wider wheels over slim, but when it comes to testing a new style or even a product, Planktoon overcomes all. 

There is something in the shape of the FP slim wheel that I cannot fully explain… it combines speed with friction so that your fingerboard can ride faster without slip. I experienced similar awesomeness with Jace wheels. From the new model you can pick with two sweet color combinations, green to yellow and orange to light orange (there is also a white).

The bearings are crazy shit (in a good way) that I won’t even go into; they are extremely reliable in all weather conditions (I had my Planktoon wheels for a long time and the bearings are good as new). You cannot go wrong when ordering Planktoon wheels!

The price and stock is set but might get sold out so visit their website here for more info!

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