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PoP decks – new amazing graphics

by · May 5, 2012

PoP decks finally at Flatface’s online store! Each of these decks not only looks great and has the reputation of PoP decks but i salso unique in every way. They are handmade in Dresden, Germany available in four different shapes and on top of that, each is handpainted with amazing graphic styles. 

I am a little tired today, but if I were to write this post tomorrow in the morning, on a Sunday, with my cup of coffee, it would be like: “HOLY FDSAGH SHIT THESE DECKS ARE FAFSRCASRRA AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Seriously; It’s true. These decks are one-of-a-kind. You won’t find any better quality graphic style like this in any deck.

The price is ‘the price of a PoP deck’ (45 bucks) but I guess the reputation of the great quality deck making of PoP decks beats all. I think I am saying this over and over again but:

“…this is the style of graphics I want to see in more fingerboard deck producers…” – Jack Jordan at FFI forums.

My favorite from all PoP decks is definitely Medium concave (as with all fingerboard decks) because is surely suits your finger position more than any other “medium concave” deck. The graphics that come with this style is also one of the best (my favorite being the one circled). 

I cannot understand people who will buy the “flat concave” and you should know why…

“In addition to being really great decks, they are each truly a piece of art! Each deck also has side and top graphics in addition to the bottom graphic.” – PoP.

The “mini logo medium concave” series also feature very cool graphics. All of them are really cool but the one circled is the best 🙂 

Be sure to check PoP decks out on flatface here, where you can learn more and even buy a deck :D.

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