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PoP – more and more PoP!

by · May 23, 2012


We are poping, poping and poping with new decks from all the corners! Sweet new graphic designs and over style of decks is coming right up on their website. Good prices, good quality… it’s called PoP decks. It seems as if PoP releases one deck every second! Too much to review on my hands! 😀 Nawh, never too much for thefingerboarder crew! So we can constantly see new decks that are just outright amazing. I can see myself customizing a fingerboard to its limits using a PoP deck. The vast variety of the graphics is something I want to see in a company.

If you want to read more general info on PoP decks, please visit my other post here.

Right off the bat on the PoP deck website, we have a choice to pick out a certain shape (deep, flat, medium concave and new shape): Once you select a certain shape, the decks with that shape are brought to your attention. This is cool and should be on every product selling website. It’s handy and lets you clearly see what you want without having to read every product description.

The decks that really interest me are the “deep concave”. The “new shape” is almost like the medium concave with slightly lower/medium kicks. Anyway, the deep concave is not really deep but I would say, just perfect for those who want some concave; generally, the higher the concave the easier the flips. The flat concave is… just flat so that pretty much explains it.

I really like all the graphics but if you like one more than the other, I suggest going for that instead of the shape. All shapes on PoP decks are good and not one is something not worth having. The price range is between 35 euros and 43 euros (most decks are 35) which I guess is not bad judging by the quality and time spent in making these decks (handmade, handpainted).

Be sure to check out the site here where you can definitely find something for yourself. Peace out and I will have another post up for tomorrow. Cheers!

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