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Propaganda Orion trucks – Chif and Kim’s wide trucks

by · March 5, 2012

Chif’s and Kim’s propaganda trucks are very good. The finish is amazing, pretty much perfect compared to other trucks such as *Ehm cough* Mitt standard, or Tech Deck. 

Some general info:

29mm wide, very stable, almost indestructible, lightweight, many colors and most importantly, compatible with everything 😀






I’ve also heard that they’re extremely smooth and have actually been proven to make any bearing for fingerboard wheels roll longer. According to me, the Chif and Kim trucks are one of the best trucks and will be for quite a long time. They’re only 12.95 euros on Blackriver-shop.com which believe it or not, is not a large amount. 

-Link to store-

Review of some sort:

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