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Prowood – Kicker

by · May 30, 2012

First thing that I saw when looking for this on the internet, was the price of 29.95 dollars. They had to be on drugs from another universe to put up that price, honestly. It’s an amazing ramp, and surely “beautifully crafted” but come on… 30 dollars?! 

As with most of the ramps at Prowood, the quality is great. When looking for some defaults, I couldn’t find any. Seriously, the time and quality used in this is great.

“All ramps/obstacles are made of 10mm or 6mm layered wood. Sliders on the ramps are made of aluminum, harder parts, such as stairs, are made of oak or beech.” – Prowood.

Because I have absolutely no plan for today’s post and I am writing my thoughts out while looking at the ramp right now, the information beyond this point is completely disorganized:

Important/not-important info:

Height: 9.6cm

Width: 20cm

Length: 21.8cm

The aluminum ‘ride-on’ (jeez I forgot what it’s called) is a little overrated. It’s not really durable and in general, it’s better to try and make a strong pointy wooden base instead of that… metal. Here is a picture of how it should be on all kickers and maybe even on all ramps:

The kicker has an interior hollow but maybe because of the wide wood pieces, you get a soft sound. The aluminum is not my favorite but in the Prowood kicker, it really uses what it can offer. I saw that in other ramps with a metal ‘ride-on’, no matter how nice of a finish it has, it’s not a smooth ride. In the Prowood kicker, I haven’t experienced anything like this.

The wood has a pretty cool dull color that is ‘smoked’ and classic at the same time. I really like the smoothness as well. It seems as if they put a layer of paint which is not what they did, but it feels like it. Definitely a cool feeling with all wheels (except Tech Deck, I hate their wheels).

For more info, see the kicker here. Overall, it’s a good kicker with a great smooth ride and a pretty unique (good) ‘ride-on’ (still can’t remember how it’s called). Let me know if it’s worth 30 dollars because at the moment, I really don’t think so :/

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