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Radramps – ‘internal tags’ deck

by · June 1, 2012

Rad? Yes, BRAD. The new epic mother -pff- deck design showcased on a brand new Radramp deck. You can never go wrong with decks that have internal splits and matching hand-painted graphic, broh. That’s exactly what we have for y’all today. Come and get the info, broh. 

Take the Radramp deck, put some hand-painted design and you got the internal tags deck brotha. Internal splits?, the -pff- I know about that broh. Call them and get the info retard. All I have for you today is useless info… or is it?

Cost? 40 bucks, y’all should know my opinion on that.

Availability? Red, yellow, green, blue and black, bro. Wait, take that away; only yellow isn’t sold out.

The graphic? Pretty cool but useless as -pff-. Thanks Radramps for giving a deck with useless graphic design.

The quality? Good quality, Radramps usually has great quality decks such as the Lacewood and the ramps are made from superior wood. Whoever likes to test small-company ramps, Radramps is the one to test, stupid.

I believe you should go somewhere else to buy some good decks. The only thing I like of Radramps is the ramps, the Lacewood series is also cool but still, I ain’t paying 32 bucks for a ‘Radramps’ deck. Come on mother -pff-, rethink your thinking. Go to Temple fingerboards, 13 bucks for an amazing custom style/shape that I already ordered like 15 of after my first order (no kidding). Here for the post.

Other than that, if you are a fan of Radramps or –fu-pff- stupid, go visit here for the same info you read in this post. The Lacewood series, maybe think about getting that or read my post here. Next post in a few hours dawgs…

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