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Radramps new decks!

by · March 19, 2012

I just learned about Radramps earlier in the year and now I see they have some pretty sweet new decks (thanks fingerboardtv!) and so I decideded it should we a topic for today.

Radramps has something special and you don’t get that a lot. The decks are not only creative in graphics and color but also in style and shape. But the wood also seems… better. I actually think it’s a little softer than a berlinwood (as in the wood is a little softer) or maybe it’s an illusion created by the smoothness, I don’t really know. At their homepage, we see 6 nice decks, all unique:

The exotic basic:


“A rosewood exotic bottom, available in 2 styles.”






The Radramps One of a Kind “ToneRise”:


”A split ply.”







The Exotic Basic: Lacewood:


“A Maple/Rose deck with a lacewood bottom.”








The Radramps One of a Kind “Parellelaply”: 


“A rosewood deck with a special internal parellel channel for crisp pop.”






Luxury Series: Pt. 1- Gucci: 


“A Parody of designer brand gucci, 2 hand crafted oldschool decks.”







Leopard Series: 


“Leopard Series”






Agree with me or not, all of these models are amazing and I can’t really say which one is my favorite. I like all of them. I do think the ToneRise does stand out a little more because you have to admit that it is quite unique. The price is not so cheap but if you have the money you should think about getting one of them. I will surely make a post about their ramps especially the Pad and descendent (the newest ramps) which are simple but high quality products.










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