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Redemption – Black Walnut

by · April 29, 2012

Redemption in 2011 was amazing, with new quality products sprayed all over the place and awesome new features. 2012 is going to be different, more of a ‘tuning year’ where they take decks and make them even better. The new Black Walnut takes first prize with its amazing deck standards.

“Walnut is a beautiful wood with excellent figure/grain.  Black dyed exotics have always been a favorite of mine.  So I combined the two and came up with a beautiful wood dressed like an undercover agent.” – Redemption.

It’s a perfect deck for sirs 😀 Beautiful finish with superior quality wood and just a nice gloss on the top. Every fingerboard should have the tiniest bit of him wanting for this deck. I really want to see a better looking deck than this in this style.

“3 years of researching and developing has produced some of the best decks I’ve laid my hands upon.  These are finished with up to 1500 grit sandpaper for a super smooth finish.  Sanded between every coat.  The difference is amazing!”Redemption.

“There is no need to rush when quality is on the line.” – Redemption.

Truly a great overall deck and I am surly ordering the second I stop to write this post, seriously, it looks this good. I mean wait, take a look one more time: 

Yeah I know, it’s fucking awesome. Check out here for a lot more info! And here for their website 😀


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