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20 Jun

Airflo – new website

by szymon

New website haaas arrived on the web. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is your chance! Freshly baked, rethought and redesigned, this work of html is good but a little shakey… I mean, I don’t find anything interesting in it. Well, it’s up to you if you like a plain random wordpress theme. 

24 Apr

Airflo – C-rails now in stock

by szymon

This is the first C rail produced in Airflo! At over 11 inches long and with supreme quality, this rail is a must have. It’s “polished to perfection” with an overall amazing finish. The price is low and very sufficient for the product you get. 

29 Feb

Airflo rails – Elbow and Lisaka

by szymon

Airflo Rails are awesome and produce one of my favorite rails, the Airflo Elbow Rail. “This elbow rail brings endless possibilities. You can use it in almost any way possible!”. I think you can use any rail in ‘anyway possible’ but yes, we get that it’s an awesome rail. It’s 11 inches long by 1.5 […]