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26 Jun

BRR – Winkler DOS

by szymon

So, recently, I got quite a lot of requests for the Winkler Dos ramp and after sometime of research and testing, I can finally five you a descriptive review. It’s a unique ramp and there are many things that make it one of the most valuable Blackriver ramps. 

12 Jun

Blackriver – New ramps online!

by szymon

Mike Schneider DOS, Box 7, Extension quarter… how epic could this possibly be?! Well it’s the most epic from Blackriver I have seen released all in one month. This shit is crazy good and whatever you can look at it, it’s freaking awesome. Fingerboarding ramps revolved and put into a brand new packaging with a […]

04 Jun

Blackriver – G9 park

by szymon

So I feel like I haven’t been talking about fingerboard parks lately. We feel that we need more posts on parks. We know you feel the same way, don’t deny it. We know what you are thinking right now, that we are the best website in the history of the internet, don’t deny it. Today, […]

29 May

BRR – Box 7

by szymon

Bigass Box 7 out since May 26th! Haven’t got the time to put up a review, much sorry for that. My grandfather, and my only true man in my life, passed away May 28th. It is a really sad moment for the whole family. I am putting this up with a little delay but I […]

20 May

FlatFace – pink BRR wheels

by szymon

“FlatFace has teamed up with Blackriver to offer you a unique, specialized bearing wheel optimized for usage with Blackriver trucks.”  I think it’s a great idea, not because it’s cool, but also because it provides a wider shape for wide decks shapes. The last BRR edition was fantastic, and this pink color adds a certain […]

07 May

Blackriver – Flatface on stock!

by szymon

Flatface is once again on stock at the BRR online store! A friggin’ sweet collection of flatface’s great variety of wheels and not a bad number of decks! You might want to get your hands on this; it’s not going to be long when they have to restock again! 😉

22 Apr

Blackriver – Jay Ramp

by szymon

A sweet mutli-use ramp again comes from BRR; the possibilities are near endless with this beast. A large obstacle from Blackriver, which utilizes most ramp potentials in order to bring you the best you can get. Read on for general info! 

13 Apr

Blackriver – funbox ledge

by szymon

Holy moly, a funbox with a ledge :0? That’s exactly what this is! As time goes by, I think Blackriver tries to fuse many ramps together so that you get the most of your ramp space. I think the kicker on this funbox works perfect with the grind-full ledge.