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15 Mar

Blackriver – Three new black rails

by szymon

Blackriver has just released three new black rails that are just freaking awesome. I cannot think of one thing that is bad about these rails. Everything is just amazing, the durability and smoothness is fantastic, the weight is perfect and the finish is classy.

03 Mar

2011 FFI co-op contest winners

by szymon

 Winners for the FFi co-op contest 2011: 1st Place: Mike Schneider & Jay Linehan (Click here) 2nd Place: Chris Emerson & Scotty Riggins (Click here) 3rd Place: Mavrik Joos & White Ninja (Click here) Honorable Mention: Eli Paynter & Sam Aronie (Click here) Awesome sponsor pack from Blackriver ramps for FFI 2012 contests:

02 Mar

Blackriver – Box 1

by szymon

    “This is no doubt the perfect obstacle for all desks, backpacks and every session. The box 1 is a simple but multifaceted obstacle that can be taken with you to every spot and session.” 

27 Feb

Blackriver riptape “slim & catchy”

by szymon

“A new riptape has been added to the product line: riptape – slim & catchy!” Apparently, it’s a little softer, which is exactly what I wished for. No, seriously, if you’ve seen my other post about riptape, it was stated that the classic is a little hard. And it’s available as “uncut” version only. The […]

22 Feb

Grip/Rip Tape Characteristics

by szymon

This is an awesome subject whichalso happens to be extremely controvertial. I want to point out some key characteristics for each each group of griptape (rouch and smooth). I haven’t seen much professional riders on rough griptape but to be honest, rouch grip tape isn’t all that bad at all. Rough tape doesn’t have that […]

19 Feb

Blackriver g7 plaza park pictures + short description

by szymon

Double set of stairs, Concrete Bonsai Curb, Steel rail, flatland, pretty sweet. The g7 plaza park offers so much more than fun. It’s stylish, great for almost every trick, and compact. The new, square-like style is much better than the longer, for shorten rides and perfect for practicing tricks. It also has a higher level