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19 Jun

FFI – „Do it on a real skateboard” competition!

by szymon

Woah! Epicness overload from Nate Thompson! We just learned about FFI’s new official contest that will take place on the internet. As with all FFI’s contests, I have to see every, single, one entry and judge for myself. The prizes are sweet, the idea is great… can’t wait for the winners! 

23 Apr

EFC Dreamland contest – round 1 results

by szymon

Remember when I posted a reminder for the Dreamland contest? Well today we have some sweet results of round 1. The videos are definitely worth to see and some are truly amazing. Here is the official page for the results and more info 🙂 but read on if you want ‘thefingerboarder.com style’ info 😉

17 Mar

FB on FB contest finished! Winners announced!

by szymon

 Taken straight from our -facebook page-: The FB on FB „mini” contest has come to an end. Today is the day that we announce three lucky winners of three packs of a bunch of random stickers! It’s not much, but you can’t expect much from a website that started not even one month ago. But […]

12 Mar

Cali Irons Contest update and best videos so far!

by szymon

Hope your check on the Cali Iron contest because if you haven’t, you’ve missed alot. Although a lot agree the high level of creativity (the main idea of this competition) has not been expressed yet, we still get to see some awesome fingerboarding videos. I constantly check for the sickest of videos that I personally […]

07 Mar

FB on FB contest

by szymon

Hi, Time to announce our first contest. Contest? Not the best… very small, but nice. The best part is that everyone can participate. You do not need to know how to ride a fingerboard. You only need to give a “like” on our site thefingerboarder on Facebook, ‘share’ your favorite post video on your wall […]

03 Mar

2011 FFI co-op contest winners

by szymon

 Winners for the FFi co-op contest 2011: 1st Place: Mike Schneider & Jay Linehan (Click here) 2nd Place: Chris Emerson & Scotty Riggins (Click here) 3rd Place: Mavrik Joos & White Ninja (Click here) Honorable Mention: Eli Paynter & Sam Aronie (Click here) Awesome sponsor pack from Blackriver ramps for FFI 2012 contests: