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01 Jun

Harrier – new items at Blackriver

by szymon

Some new stuff from Harrier has been coming to y’all public for some time. You want variety? You got it with all these awesome things from Harrier available today at the Blackriver webstore! Good price and of course the amazing quality of Harrier curbs comes together to bring you the ramps of your dreams! 

18 May

Dust – curbs and ramps

by szymon

A French fingerboarding company producing some nice curbs and ramps plus obstacles is always well seen in our fingerboarding world. I was surprised to see the quality on some of these products and can somewhat say that it’s quite awesome to see new things spring up all the time.

03 May

All Canadian fingerboards – Pour concrete curb

by szymon

“All Canadian – not only in Canada!” – All Canadian. It’s true brothers and sisters, All Canadian is up on thefingerboarder.com. They are just awesome for the fact that Ryan has been shaping the company from bottom to top. I can’t imagine no reviews of their products here. It’s “pour concrete’s curb’s” place today. 

15 Apr

Bonsei – Jersey Trash barrier

by szymon

Bonsei, you know, I have to make a detailed review shortly about them and I won’t even say why. You should know what by now -.- The “Trash” barrier not only exceeds any other ramp in its quality of concrete, but also in its immensely profound structure and of course, Bonsei’s legendary smoothness.