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05 Nov

Emanant – Skateboard decks

by szymon

You may not remember them as much as I do, but when they first started out, a small handful of their decks were available. A lot of attention on forums and a few messages later, Emanant came to create its first skateboard decks. 

06 Sep

Berlinwood – Bowl shaped decks!

by szymon

Holy freaking shit! The new BerlinWood bowl shaped decks are in stock at the blackriver online shop! We’ve been waiting for this day to come for quite some time now, and it finally has. The bowl shape is just over the top, sick stuff. Wide? Yes. Amazing? FUCK YES! 

31 Aug

Flatface – Jay deck

by szymon

New deck from Flatface features a great color shade pattern with a nice touch of character; just a great new collection for us fingerboarders! Actually, I did hear news about something about this deck, designed by Jay Linehan, on the FFI forums about 1 week ago.  Although it is not yet on the Flatface webstore, […]

08 Jul

Kairamo – fingerboards!

by szymon

Yeah! Can you possibly believe that I haven’t seen Kairamo decks yet?! Jessus I feel like a freakin’ hillbilly. But yes, Kairamo hobbies has release sweeeeet deck graphics straight from great designers; at least… that’s what it looks like.

05 Jul

Hooded – new decks

by szymon

Finally; Le day has come! A new shipment of the cool Hooded style decks have come to their store and are ready for new owners! Three sweet graphic versions await your decision. To be honest, all three are superb designes… for me of cource 🙂 

17 Jun

Woodnote – new site and product overview

by szymon

Woodnote decks are just fantastic this year! Maybe it’s just me but all of their decks look just fu***** awesome right out of the package; just like on the pictures, even better! Is it a trick? An illusion? Probably just the amazing quality and crafting of Woodnote fingerboards. 

14 Jun

Unique – Unique decks!

by szymon

Unique as is in unique! I think they are quite unique for what they offer, such as the engraved decks and for the fact that they offer many different styles to choose, all offering a different price range. And no, the higher price is not always the best, I personally prefer the engraved decks starting […]

11 Jun

PlanktOon – Black Marble ramp

by szymon

Holy moly PlanktOon releases a brand new ramp with already some sweet benchmarks. Sweet finish, sweet quality, hard construction, durable, super smooth marble and a billion other features that will blow your mind! This is a non-disputable fact that every fingerboarder should have this. 

10 Jun

Flaked – „smudge proof punks”

by szymon

Another cool graphic collection has been introduced to the Flaked webstore about 1 years ago (now it’s finally ‘on-stock’… or is it?). For any punk out there who fingerboards, this post is something you cannot miss! Not much of my style but since fingerboarding is getting more and more advanced, we will be seeing quite […]