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03 Jun

Captusk – long boards

by szymon

New stuff. New stuff from my friends at Captusk. The best handmade long boards in fingerboarding have just came to life. Time for some realism biatch; you won’t find better stuff than this… nowhere. Time to rethink your thinking son; it’s the 21th century at Captusk.

01 Jun

Radramps – ‘internal tags’ deck

by szymon

Rad? Yes, BRAD. The new epic mother -pff- deck design showcased on a brand new Radramp deck. You can never go wrong with decks that have internal splits and matching hand-painted graphic, broh. That’s exactly what we have for y’all today. Come and get the info, broh. 

29 May

Piratenholz – new classics!

by szymon

Wow, look at these decks!! The classic-ness is overwhelming! I mean, if you would take a second to click “Read-More”, you would understand my words. The sweet pirate logo and classic horror style is the powerhouse behind these great new deck graphics. 

25 May

Yellowood – 2012 graphics and the Z3 shape

by szymon

Some sweet new graphics from Yellowood featuring the brand new Z3 shape, we’ve all got it for you in today’s post! New original Yellowood graphics continue to pour into 2012’s collection. The new Z3 shape is also rocking the dance floor with some sweet new curves and a brand new style. 

23 May

PoP – more and more PoP!

by szymon

  We are poping, poping and poping with new decks from all the corners! Sweet new graphic designs and over style of decks is coming right up on their website. Good prices, good quality… it’s called PoP decks. 

22 May

Hooded – Backed decks

by szymon

Hola! Sweet new decks from Hooded commin’ to you soon, I mean now! These out-of-da-house decks are just classic awesomness. The style is great, the quality is great, the  finish is amazing, I don’t see one bad thing in this deck. Did I mention the graphic? It’s just perfection. 

14 May

Flaked – „STAMP8” deck

by szymon

A truly unique deck comes onto Flaked’s online webstore. It’s a nice wide shape that is 100% handmade with a unique wood finish. It features nice brown wood spots that add to the amazing look of this deck; an overall cool design and great deck making! 

10 May

Yellowood – Filipe deck

by szymon

From Yellowood the cool pro Filipe deck inspired by Filipe David! Very cool graphic and of course, Yellowood finish. This is another deck with a perfect finish and amazing quality overall. In today’s post I want to talk a bit about Yellowood decks in general.