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31 Aug

Flatface – Jay deck

by szymon

New deck from Flatface features a great color shade pattern with a nice touch of character; just a great new collection for us fingerboarders! Actually, I did hear news about something about this deck, designed by Jay Linehan, on the FFI forums about 1 week ago.  Although it is not yet on the Flatface webstore, […]

13 Jun

Flatface – rare deck on ebay!

by szymon

It’s Flatface with a brand new deck on ebay!The deck is a one-of-a-kind premium wooden deck. It’s quantity measures exactly 1 so we can imagine some stuff going on in the next days here 😀 Posted on Sunday, it’s price already has 41 dollars marked on it and with 2 days to go… woah! 

20 May

FlatFace – pink BRR wheels

by szymon

“FlatFace has teamed up with Blackriver to offer you a unique, specialized bearing wheel optimized for usage with Blackriver trucks.”  I think it’s a great idea, not because it’s cool, but also because it provides a wider shape for wide decks shapes. The last BRR edition was fantastic, and this pink color adds a certain […]

09 May

Flatface – Granite Bench

by szymon

Flatface’s granite benches are amazing in every way. Hmmm, lets see, they are: smooth, compact, good weight, durable, perfect finish, cheap, many colors, custom cut, marble, quality material to name a few :D. But really, these benches are great for anyone, because they are reliable. They do ship worldwide for an extra 20 dollars. 

07 May

Blackriver – Flatface on stock!

by szymon

Flatface is once again on stock at the BRR online store! A friggin’ sweet collection of flatface’s great variety of wheels and not a bad number of decks! You might want to get your hands on this; it’s not going to be long when they have to restock again! 😉

04 Mar

Scott B. Deck – Split Ply

by szymon

“These are hand made wooden decks by Scott Biesboer. The new mold Scott B decks feature new woods and an updated shape, with even more pop than before. There is medium concave and the tail is lower than the nose like a real skateboard. Each deck features a unique split ply bottom.” – Flatface.com

23 Feb

Winkler vs. Flatface

by szymon

First of all, both sets are outright outstanding. Why wouldn’t they be? For ~ 30 euros it’s definitely not a quick decision for an amateur but once you try them out, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make your choice earlier. For me, winkler has a harder feel that still keeps its soft amortization causing it […]