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grip tape

21 Jun

Ace – grip tape

by szymon

And so… it has come to this. Nawh dawg! We’re here today to review a great producer of sweet grip tape! Recently, we got Ace’s 5 uncut grip tape pack to review and boy can we say that it is truly comparable to Blackriver’s rip tape. Seriously, read on why. 

13 Apr

Low pro – uncut grip tape

by szymon

„Their main concern was to make available the best tuning products within the best possible prices”, and that’s exactly what they did. The low pro uncut tape is super smooth and has a medium laxity. I would say that its perfect for most smooth grip tape users. 

27 Feb

Blackriver riptape “slim & catchy”

by szymon

“A new riptape has been added to the product line: riptape – slim & catchy!” Apparently, it’s a little softer, which is exactly what I wished for. No, seriously, if you’ve seen my other post about riptape, it was stated that the classic is a little hard. And it’s available as “uncut” version only. The […]

22 Feb

Grip/Rip Tape Characteristics

by szymon

This is an awesome subject whichalso happens to be extremely controvertial. I want to point out some key characteristics for each each group of griptape (rouch and smooth). I haven’t seen much professional riders on rough griptape but to be honest, rouch grip tape isn’t all that bad at all. Rough tape doesn’t have that […]