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04 Jun

Blackriver – G9 park

by szymon

So I feel like I haven’t been talking about fingerboard parks lately. We feel that we need more posts on parks. We know you feel the same way, don’t deny it. We know what you are thinking right now, that we are the best website in the history of the internet, don’t deny it. Today, […]

18 Apr

Fingastix – plazas and parks

by szymon

Where do I even start something like this? :0 I can say that this is the best option for someone who wants a BRR plaza but just doesn’t have the funds. The quality is good and the price is just unbeatable. Ready for this?… only 200 dollars for a full-scale, fingerboard park…

19 Feb

Blackriver g7 plaza park pictures + short description

by szymon

Double set of stairs, Concrete Bonsai Curb, Steel rail, flatland, pretty sweet. The g7 plaza park offers so much more than fun. It’s stylish, great for almost every trick, and compact. The new, square-like style is much better than the longer, for shorten rides and perfect for practicing tricks. It also has a higher level