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01 Jun

Radramps – ‘internal tags’ deck

by szymon

Rad? Yes, BRAD. The new epic mother -pff- deck design showcased on a brand new Radramp deck. You can never go wrong with decks that have internal splits and matching hand-painted graphic, broh. That’s exactly what we have for y’all today. Come and get the info, broh. 

21 Apr

Radramps – lacewood stock

by szymon

Sweet new decks made from real unique maple wood incorporated with a nice Rosewood heart hand painted. There is a nice variety of colors and styles so each should have some kick. The quality is amazing with a very nice finish and smooth edges. Definitely something worth trying out! 

19 Mar

Radramps new decks!

by szymon

I just learned about Radramps earlier in the year and now I see they have some pretty sweet new decks (thanks fingerboardtv!) and so I decideded it should we a topic for today. Radramps has something special and you don’t get that a lot. The decks are not only creative in graphics and color but […]