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16 May

Kaliz – new and old rails

by szymon

They went over design with this one. The quality of this new rail is near perfect with BRR’s black rails, I would say it maybe even feels the same. It looks spectacular (yes spectacular) and the overall smoothness and finish is just freaking awesome.

24 Apr

Airflo – C-rails now in stock

by szymon

This is the first C rail produced in Airflo! At over 11 inches long and with supreme quality, this rail is a must have. It’s “polished to perfection” with an overall amazing finish. The price is low and very sufficient for the product you get. 

29 Mar

3rail by Yellowood

by szymon

The 3rail has taken the throne! Holy freaking mothers this is so awesome I can hardly keep still! “Yellowood 3Rail is a custom designed 3 leg rail for stable Fingerboarding. Take this obstacle everywhere, it´s light and resistent.

15 Mar

Blackriver – Three new black rails

by szymon

Blackriver has just released three new black rails that are just freaking awesome. I cannot think of one thing that is bad about these rails. Everything is just amazing, the durability and smoothness is fantastic, the weight is perfect and the finish is classy.

07 Mar

Cali Irons 2 minute contest!

by szymon

-Full info here- “So heres the Cali-Irons “Make a MINI constest” Thanks to everyone that has shown Cali Love on here and world wide! I been feeling like giving back for a while now. The concept behind this contest is to simply just be “CREATIVE”. Make a Creative mini of your choice. The mini Should […]

29 Feb

Airflo rails – Elbow and Lisaka

by szymon

Airflo Rails are awesome and produce one of my favorite rails, the Airflo Elbow Rail. “This elbow rail brings endless possibilities. You can use it in almost any way possible!”. I think you can use any rail in ‘anyway possible’ but yes, we get that it’s an awesome rail. It’s 11 inches long by 1.5 […]

19 Feb

Fingersk8 – Chessy but quality products

by szymon

FingerSk8, what an original name. The website, products, members of the „crew”, everything related to this producer is cheesy. Just go and read for yourself: www.fingersk8.com  I have lived in Portland, Oregon for 8 years. But I never remember it like „the biggest root of all fingerboarding”, that is actually what they have on the […]