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26 Jun

BRR – Winkler DOS

by szymon

So, recently, I got quite a lot of requests for the Winkler Dos ramp and after sometime of research and testing, I can finally five you a descriptive review. It’s a unique ramp and there are many things that make it one of the most valuable Blackriver ramps. 

12 Jun

Blackriver – New ramps online!

by szymon

Mike Schneider DOS, Box 7, Extension quarter… how epic could this possibly be?! Well it’s the most epic from Blackriver I have seen released all in one month. This shit is crazy good and whatever you can look at it, it’s freaking awesome. Fingerboarding ramps revolved and put into a brand new packaging with a […]

11 Jun

PlanktOon – Black Marble ramp

by szymon

Holy moly PlanktOon releases a brand new ramp with already some sweet benchmarks. Sweet finish, sweet quality, hard construction, durable, super smooth marble and a billion other features that will blow your mind! This is a non-disputable fact that every fingerboarder should have this. 

30 May

Prowood – Kicker

by szymon

First thing that I saw when looking for this on the internet, was the price of 29.95 dollars. They had to be on drugs from another universe to put up that price, honestly. It’s an amazing ramp, and surely “beautifully crafted” but come on… 30 dollars?! 

29 May

BRR – Box 7

by szymon

Bigass Box 7 out since May 26th! Haven’t got the time to put up a review, much sorry for that. My grandfather, and my only true man in my life, passed away May 28th. It is a really sad moment for the whole family. I am putting this up with a little delay but I […]

18 May

Dust – curbs and ramps

by szymon

A French fingerboarding company producing some nice curbs and ramps plus obstacles is always well seen in our fingerboarding world. I was surprised to see the quality on some of these products and can somewhat say that it’s quite awesome to see new things spring up all the time.

16 May

Kaliz – new and old rails

by szymon

They went over design with this one. The quality of this new rail is near perfect with BRR’s black rails, I would say it maybe even feels the same. It looks spectacular (yes spectacular) and the overall smoothness and finish is just freaking awesome.

13 May

Yellowood – Ybridge

by szymon

So many products here and there from Yellowood, it’s amazing how many ideas they have this year :D. The newest one being the Ybrdige! It’s a sweet mix of a rail with a ramp made out of stainless steel. I think it’s a great idea to combo-mize any trick 😀 

08 May

Mitt – kicker

by szymon

This is quite an old ramp but still legendary. I remember getting this ramp and actually enjoying unlike any other. It was special. The quality was good and the feel was amazing. It couldn’t have been better for the price. Handmade, this kicker is one of a kind.