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22 Apr

Blackriver – Jay Ramp

by szymon

A sweet mutli-use ramp again comes from BRR; the possibilities are near endless with this beast. A large obstacle from Blackriver, which utilizes most ramp potentials in order to bring you the best you can get. Read on for general info! 

13 Apr

Blackriver – funbox ledge

by szymon

Holy moly, a funbox with a ledge :0? That’s exactly what this is! As time goes by, I think Blackriver tries to fuse many ramps together so that you get the most of your ramp space. I think the kicker on this funbox works perfect with the grind-full ledge.

08 Mar

Plexiglass ramps and Inexp fingerboards

by szymon

These ramps are great. They’re pretty heavy but perfect for non-slip placement. I’ve seen some complaints that they could be more durable, it seems as if the plexiglass was a little soft but I can only disagree. I actually found them to be one of the best ramps for practically anything. Not many companies produce […]

26 Feb

Close–up coffin

by szymon

  Quality? Moderate, but still very good.   It seems as if close up is not that professional. Their website just sucks and the organization of pretty much everything related to them is caotic. As you may know, they were one of the first fingerboarding companiy and they are known quite long so I really […]

24 Feb

Yellowood public bench + the Kickeredge

by szymon

This is awesome. The quality is one of the best I have seen so far. It’s beautifully made with the best metals for optimal grinds. Yellow color, good size (length 30cm, height 6cm, and width 7cm). „This is a unique obstacle really time consuming to produce, with a lot of metal and welds”, states Yellowood.com. […]