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small producers

14 Jun

Unique – Unique decks!

by szymon

Unique as is in unique! I think they are quite unique for what they offer, such as the engraved decks and for the fact that they offer many different styles to choose, all offering a different price range. And no, the higher price is not always the best, I personally prefer the engraved decks starting […]

06 Jun

Emanant – shinier and stronger decks

by szymon

Solid quality hand-made decks from Emanant have been revealed on FFI not a long time ago and already, it’s gaining popularity quickly. The new lacquer makes them decks shinier then ever! The beautiful ebony and wenge veneer work effortlessly to bring you a truly durable deck. The great finish and wide shapes make you want […]

01 Jun

Radramps – ‘internal tags’ deck

by szymon

Rad? Yes, BRAD. The new epic mother -pff- deck design showcased on a brand new Radramp deck. You can never go wrong with decks that have internal splits and matching hand-painted graphic, broh. That’s exactly what we have for y’all today. Come and get the info, broh. 

18 May

Dust – curbs and ramps

by szymon

A French fingerboarding company producing some nice curbs and ramps plus obstacles is always well seen in our fingerboarding world. I was surprised to see the quality on some of these products and can somewhat say that it’s quite awesome to see new things spring up all the time.

11 Apr

Pure decks – custom deck

by szymon

Pure decks have been just sweet quality decks for such a long time. I honestly don’t know how a small producer like Pure decks have produced such good material for such a long time and nobody seems to give a crap to help them expand.

02 Apr

WoodLips Fingerboards – Straight from Indonesia!

by szymon

These fingerboard decks made by wood from Medan, North Sumatera are great. The decks are very lightweight which is quite a surprise for a small business like this. The classic shape is ok and it reminds me of a normal classic deck (nothing special). The real fun is with the engraved decks that take fingerboarding […]