25 Jun

Ytrucks – x3 and quick new things

by szymon

Annnnnddd, we are back after a long period of absences. You know… the FLU and shit. Nawh but we have some sweet things coming for you that will literally blow your mind. Hang in… it’s something to do with the website and will be coming shortly 😉 For now, let’s focus on the new grey […]

28 Apr

Chemistry fingerboards – their trucks

by szymon

Chemistry fingerboards are a damn small company. I hardly hear anything from them but guess what; they make one of the best trucks for the price. They first created their trucks and now are in the process of creating great rails.

03 Apr

Ytrucks – Indonesia Edition

by szymon

Two new awesome freakin’ Ytrucks. You gotta say that Ytrucks are fantastic and the new Indonesia edition doubles that awesomness. They have two new grey marble and neon green trucks in their collection. The grey marble has a black base and the neon green a white base.