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24 May

OneWay – bearing wheels

by szymon

Heard of OneWay before? Probably not but after getting some info and looking over their products, I got to check out their bearing wheels. I can surely say that their wheels are great quality featuring most of the things that normal bearing wheels have. They are pretty realistic and have an ultra-smooth roll. 

17 May

Oak wheels – Royal blue epicness

by szymon

All blue wheels looks awesome. These are from Oak. Gfagifsodmfocsa I love my life!!! No but seriously, this is what alot of people have been waiting for. There is something in the color of Blue that will perfectly work together with the great quality of Oak wheels.

17 Apr

Planktoon – new FP wheels

by szymon

The guys and girls at Planktoon have offered us a brand new wheel collection. We can see new fused colors on top slim wheel base. Planktoon have sweet slim wheels that every fingerboarder should appreciate. “…so you better get yours fast, this shit will sold out fast.” – Planktoon.

16 Apr

Dinky wheels – truly unique wheels!

by szymon

Dinky G2 are soon to be stocked at the new Dinky wheels website! They will be offered in two colors, “two colored wheels” and “one color wheels”. Heh, sounds funny but too be honest, these are no doubt one of the best wheels out. I cannot believe how a small company like Dinky wheel can […]

28 Mar

No comply Lab Wheel Duals

by szymon

  Our friends at unitefingerboarding.com have posted a review of No comply’s newest wheel, the Lab wheels Duals. So what better opportunity to say something about the new wheels and maybe wheels in general at No comply distribution… 😀 

22 Mar

Jace fingerboards – New black and white wheels

by szymon

Thank you fingerboard tv for this idea. Jace fingerboard is only starting to… start, it’s not developed yet as it should be, because right now, I only see like 7 items for sale on their website (all of them screws or stickers). But thank god for fingerboard tv, who apparently tested out the new black […]

20 Mar

Oak wheels “Link”

by szymon

„Oak Wheels Link are a mix of Pink and Loz. Why this mix? When Loz came into the team, Pink was his favorite color, after a few generations is time to recognize all the support give by Loz since the start of Oak Wheels. Its not a pro model, but a recognition to a rider […]

18 Mar

It’s a king size sale!

by szymon

The king size “classic” wheels are on sale at only 6.98 euros! I believe they were the first king size wheels but wither way, they’re freaking awesome! “The fingerboard wheels are made of polyurethane and have a single bearing system. Produced in China these wheels will roll very smooth and long.

09 Mar

King size – pool deck and V wheels

by szymon

Pool decks Each of these Fingerboards is 4 layers of maple wood and is sanded by hand which makes each pool deck unique. The pool decks are 100mm by 31mm by 30mm. The pool deck features their „Royal Shape” and has low concave and medium kicks. All of king size decks are compatible with all […]