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25 Jun

Ytrucks – x3 and quick new things

by szymon

Annnnnddd, we are back after a long period of absences. You know… the FLU and shit. Nawh but we have some sweet things coming for you that will literally blow your mind. Hang in… it’s something to do with the website and will be coming shortly 😉 For now, let’s focus on the new grey […]

25 May

Yellowood – 2012 graphics and the Z3 shape

by szymon

Some sweet new graphics from Yellowood featuring the brand new Z3 shape, we’ve all got it for you in today’s post! New original Yellowood graphics continue to pour into 2012’s collection. The new Z3 shape is also rocking the dance floor with some sweet new curves and a brand new style. 

13 May

Yellowood – Ybridge

by szymon

So many products here and there from Yellowood, it’s amazing how many ideas they have this year :D. The newest one being the Ybrdige! It’s a sweet mix of a rail with a ramp made out of stainless steel. I think it’s a great idea to combo-mize any trick 😀 

10 May

Yellowood – Filipe deck

by szymon

From Yellowood the cool pro Filipe deck inspired by Filipe David! Very cool graphic and of course, Yellowood finish. This is another deck with a perfect finish and amazing quality overall. In today’s post I want to talk a bit about Yellowood decks in general. 

08 May

Ytrucks – Ytrucks titanium hardware

by szymon

Ytrucks will have Titanium Screws in their hardware section, soon. They will be very light (50% weight of ordinary), high mechanical resistence and an extraordinary corrosion durability. Can’t wait to see them against BRR’s amazing screws 🙂 

04 May

Yellowood – Ykey

by szymon

Oh jessus what a freakin’ mindf***. A 3 way key for a fingerboard?! This has to be some kind of magical illusion but it’s not. Yellowood releases the final stage of what they call, the Ykey (obviously :D). The great idea works perfectly with the stunning finish to bring you a tool every fingerboarder should […]

02 May

Yellowood – Ywheels

by szymon

Yellowood realesed its newest edition to the Y family, the Ywheel. I cannot seem to find one thing wrong with this wheel. It insures everything that I need in a fingerboarding wheel, in particular the DualB edition. Superb Yellowood quality erected to perfection in a new wheel. You cannot miss this. 

08 Apr

Ygarden from Yellowood

by szymon

We have a new obstacle today by the name of Ygarden, in the shape of a garden and with the awesomeness of a garden. It’s a great idea for your fingerboard park and you can get some tricks on this thing as well. Not only is it decorative but useful.

29 Mar

3rail by Yellowood

by szymon

The 3rail has taken the throne! Holy freaking mothers this is so awesome I can hardly keep still! “Yellowood 3Rail is a custom designed 3 leg rail for stable Fingerboarding. Take this obstacle everywhere, it´s light and resistent.

14 Mar

Yellowood bearings and Ytruck brushings

by szymon

If you are a pro at fingerboarding, then you know bearings are a must for any wheel. The yellowood  single bearings are perfect for almost any wheel. Fingerboard bearings are all the same, it doesn’t matter what company you choose but for me, Yellowood offers theirs at an okay price (4.99 euros).