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Tech deck

by · September 30, 2012


Tech Deck is the company behind the first commercially sold fingerboards. Their product, the Tech Decks, have successfully dominated the lives of millions interested in skateboarding and not only. 

“He used the 3-inch boards to simulate real skateboard tricks with his fingers. And, just like real skateboards, he drew graphics on the bottoms of his creations. His dad, Peter, a toy industry veteran, saw his son’s ingenious work and recognized that there might be a market for these colorful mini-boards.”

Even before mini skateboards have started as a probable idea, the collections of miniature skateboards as keychains was quite popular in the world of pro skateboarding. But what would separate the two products? Well, Steven Asher (the 12 year-old Californian skateboarder) made the Tech Decks possible by creating the ‘real thing’; a miniature skateboard that is made from real elements and can be ridden on just like a normal skateboard, but, with fingers and not feet. So, in 1988, the idea was invented and Steven’s dad, Peter (a toy industry veteran) recognized his son’s ingenious work and finalized them to dominate the fingerboard market. And so, Tech Deck was born.


„Since that time, more than 4,000 different real pro-model graphic designs licensed from top skateboard manufacturers such as World Industries, Blind, A-Team, Birdhouse, Creature, New Deal, Element, Black Label, Santa Cruz, Alien Workshop, Zero, Maple, Zoo York and Foundation Skateboard have been added to the Tech Deck line. “

Since that rainy day in 1998, fingerboarding has come a long way. Not just in the Tech Deck family but all over the world. From when first introduced in limited distribution, now, more than 35 milion miniature skateboards have been sold. Interest in the Tech Deck mini-replica skateboards is and will continue to rise.

“You are not a ‘real’ fingerboarder if you ride Tech Decks alone. Once you enter the real fingerboard community, you will know what is best for your taste.”

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