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The blackriver trucks colors, the locking nuts and „the tool”

by · March 10, 2012

So recently, -here- on the blackriver trucks website, I found some cool pictures and info. Such as, did you know blackriver has color variations for their trucks? I know, it’s crazy, take a look:  

It’s awesome, if I only knew about it earlier but please tell me when you find where to buy them because I couldn’t. I also found the general information page for the trucks -here- and the more detailed (acutally like a encyclopedia) -here-. This is also a pretty cool picture displaying the different parts: 

Next come the locking nuts which are essential to every fingerboarder. I find all the other nuts terrible, whether they’re from blackriver, flatface or freaking Grand Fingers. The first time I heard of the locking nuts I almost pissed myself, I am dead serious. The thing is that once you screw them in, they don’t come off unless you unscrew them. Simple philosophy right? The standard nuts obviously don’t understand because every time I screw in a close-up wheel (or any other than Flatface or Blackriver), they come off after 1 minute of fingerboarding. 

The secret behind their secret is the black rubber that blocks the nut after you screw it in so that it takes some screwing force to unscrew it afterwards.

Next is the blackriver tool which is cool looking but impractical in usage. The weird shape makes my fingers slip almost every time so that I prefer the Tech Deck “tool”. I think it’s just me because everyone seems to love it. But if you don’t have this thing somewhere, you’re not a true fingerboarder. 🙂 

And to top it off, here is the official blackriver trucks preview:

*Note that all the photos are the property of Blackriver


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