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Two Happy Easter specials on Blackriver!

by · March 24, 2012

Blackriver ramps celebrates its easter season with two new specials/combo packs. We have a Berlin Wood Deck Special Edition Happy Easter and a Winkler Dos Special Edition Happy Easter. I’ll break down the post in two sections to describe the two sets fully. 

Berlin Wood Deck Special Edition Happy Easter: 

This special includes one out of 40 Berlinwood autographed decks “of the new and unreleased low wide shape with an exclusive Blackriver branding” – Blackriver. It’s top quality material as always (it’s berlinwood), the edition is sweet and keeps its classic feeling and what can you say, it’s a must for any collector and fingerboard fanatic. It’s is out of stock and I doubt it will be restocked. We’ll have to see… The special also contains a second issued of the Fingerboarder Magazine and the Pissing Fingers 3 dvd which I have waited so long for. Scroll down for the trailer!



Winkler Dos Special Edition Happy Easter:

I don’t care what you say because this special so awesome. This set contains one out of 20 limited Winkler Mini DOS. The mini has a unique Winkler Wheels graphic. The nice logo adds so much more to the whole idea of ramps and obstacles. It shows how a simple graphic can change everything. I mean, just look at it… It’s freaking amazing! The Winkler Mini’s interior (graphic) is now nice glossy and ‘slippery’ which is so fun to ride on 🙂 The special also contains Fingerboard Magazine 2 and Pissing Fingers 3 dvd! 













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