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08 May

Ytrucks – Ytrucks titanium hardware

by szymon

Ytrucks will have Titanium Screws in their hardware section, soon. They will be very light (50% weight of ordinary), high mechanical resistence and an extraordinary corrosion durability. Can’t wait to see them against BRR’s amazing screws 🙂 

29 Mar

3rail by Yellowood

by szymon

The 3rail has taken the throne! Holy freaking mothers this is so awesome I can hardly keep still! “Yellowood 3Rail is a custom designed 3 leg rail for stable Fingerboarding. Take this obstacle everywhere, it´s light and resistent.

18 Mar

It’s a king size sale!

by szymon

The king size “classic” wheels are on sale at only 6.98 euros! I believe they were the first king size wheels but wither way, they’re freaking awesome! “The fingerboard wheels are made of polyurethane and have a single bearing system. Produced in China these wheels will roll very smooth and long.

17 Mar

FB on FB contest finished! Winners announced!

by szymon

 Taken straight from our -facebook page-: The FB on FB „mini” contest has come to an end. Today is the day that we announce three lucky winners of three packs of a bunch of random stickers! It’s not much, but you can’t expect much from a website that started not even one month ago. But […]

15 Mar

Blackriver – Three new black rails

by szymon

Blackriver has just released three new black rails that are just freaking awesome. I cannot think of one thing that is bad about these rails. Everything is just amazing, the durability and smoothness is fantastic, the weight is perfect and the finish is classy.