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Unique – Unique decks!

by · June 14, 2012

Unique as is in unique! I think they are quite unique for what they offer, such as the engraved decks and for the fact that they offer many different styles to choose, all offering a different price range. And no, the higher price is not always the best, I personally prefer the engraved decks starting at $11.50!Unique fingerboards

I haven’t heard of Unique decks until about 2 weeks when I was searching through some google keywords. I saw something “Unique” (get it? :D) so curious of another company, I found their products quite different. The prices are outright great for the product. I doubt you can get an engraved exotic wood deck for 11.50. There are even great classic molds for a   mere $7.50!! But I know what you’re thinking… 7.50 for a Tech Deck. Nope, I can easily compare the “Old Mould” to top quality decks like Temple decks. I am truly amazed that someone spends lots of time and materials for something that they will get 8 bucks from.

“All of these decks have a simple bottom, vibrant plies and have medium kicks and minimal concave.”

That’s not all though. With the great vibrant plies and exotic wood, you also get a 31.5mm wide shape! Finally!!! Some company that actually pays attention to the reaaal world! I only ride on 30-32mm boards after getting used to Blackriver’s wide-low shape; I’ll never think of going back to normal fingerboards, ever. Because I am someone who loves fingerboarding and probably knows a lot on the topic, so I will always recommend 30-32mm for anyone interested in fingerboarding. Unique fingers

Currently there is only a red color combination and there won’t be any new ones unless you beg the guy by email.

The most awesome ‘Unique’ decks however are the engraved ones which offer a really nice design on top of a well-rounded deck. The engraves have the company’s logo on them and are also made by hand. Price is from11.50 to 14.00 (50% off at the moment). 

“All graphics have the best side ply finish I have seen in all decks” – Brandox72 on FFI forums.

The Unique “New Mold” decks are also quite good for anyone wanting to experience the great deck making and quality of Unique decks to its fullest. The price range is anywhere between 25 to 32 bucks. The Split Ply decks have some sweet graphics that are simple and just right for fingerboarding.

I am very happy with the discovery of Unique decks. They are and will be definitely one of the decks that I will always value and love riding on; maybe it’s because of the nice finish, maybe the graphics or maybe the engraving, but one thing I know is that they are just awesome. You have just hit 100% Unique; thanks a lot! Visit the great decks here!

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