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Wild ramps – marble ramps

by · May 1, 2012

This tiny, tiny producer stands bravely with his products. They are withstanding, good quality products for a very reasonable price. This is what inspires me to keep on writing, the fact that there are people working hard to get you the best they can offer. 

This small producer in Poland has quite the motivation to create really cool ramps that offer a very high quality. He has limited material at the moment; he sells a kicker and a ledge.

I have recently bought one from him for about 6.25 euros. Yes, it’s that cheap. And the quality, woah wait till you see it… it’s real marble and definitely speaks for its looks.

There are endless possibilities with making the perfect custom ramp. You have all the wildest shit ever like you can order a freakin’ table from him or any ramp, this guy will do anything with marble for the cheapest price. There are so many different promotions going on his facebook page that even checking each day may be worth it.

To give you an example, one day he sold this for 3.75 euros. A freakin’ steal: 


  1. Kamil says:

    good products !

  2. busior says:

    Hi .I am teamrider in wild ramps. Their boxes are great .

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