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Yellowood public bench + the Kickeredge

by · February 24, 2012

This is awesome. The quality is one of the best I have seen so far. It’s beautifully made with the best metals for optimal grinds. Yellow color, good size (length 30cm, height 6cm, and width 7cm). „This is a unique obstacle really time consuming to produce, with a lot of metal and welds”, states Yellowood.com. I don’t thing it’s that „time consuming” but yeah okay, I get it that it’s really good, and I agree. 











The price is 39.99 euros which is alot, for something that isn’t made up of 30 pieces, like the Blackriver rooftop reloaded or the Box 5. I get that it’s metal and all but… yeah. The public bench is green, stylish and overall awesome. It also has that anti-slide foam for stable grinds.

To be honest, I will order this whenever I get the chance. And I think I should include it as one of our prizes for the monthly contest.

3 months ago Yellowood introduced their Kickeredge which is also amazing and also one of the best kickers. It looks sweet as hell, not so stylish but sturdy and just plain awesome. It’s size is 30 by 20 by 6.5 cm, and is apparentlly, „a very versatil and fun obstacle”. Oh and it’s a mix of a kicker and a ledge. It’s 34.99 euros which is a pretty good price for the superb quality and weight. 









Here is a good Yellowood video I found of the marble ‘obstacle’:

And an awesome Yellowood store video:

We’ll do a review of more of their products soon, because the Public Bench just went out, we wanted to introduce that first.





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