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Yellowood – Ykey

by · May 4, 2012

Oh jessus what a freakin’ mindf***. A 3 way key for a fingerboard?! This has to be some kind of magical illusion but it’s not. Yellowood releases the final stage of what they call, the Ykey (obviously :D). The great idea works perfectly with the stunning finish to bring you a tool every fingerboarder should have. 

As you know we use Torx head screws (T5 & T6) in our trucks because  they are better and will last longer that the traditional Phillips or hexagonal  screws. The easiest and less expensive way to go would be to use the conventional screws but in our brand we privilege quality and advance engineering solutions” – Yellowood.

It’s a really handy tool. It comes with a nut key, T5 and T6 torix bit for perfect Ytruck tunning. The best part is that you can take it virtually where ever you feel like it! Just put that thing in your house keys and voila! The quality won’t be bad because the Ykey is made from the same durable material as Ytrucks. 

The price is 10 euros which is… ehh, okay. It could be better but for something that is this necessary and unique it’s maybe worth it. I think you can squeeze that money from your wallet. To buy click-a here-a! 😀 

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