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Ytrucks – x3 and quick new things

by · June 25, 2012

Annnnnddd, we are back after a long period of absences. You know… the FLU and shit. Nawh but we have some sweet things coming for you that will literally blow your mind. Hang in… it’s something to do with the website and will be coming shortly 😉 For now, let’s focus on the new grey Ytruck with some extras. 

“Our New Steel Grey X3 Series have a Grey hanger plus black oxide baseplate with a shiny varnish for a cool look. With the trucks for a perfect tightenning also comes a Torx Allen key. New AutoBlock nuts included!!”

Great new series to go with a cool classic color; grey trucks aren’t often seen at events which begs to be asked, “why?”. Well, I thing that many people believe it’s something of ‘too dull’ for their sets. This is incredibly wrong since bright colored wheels provide an amazing effect; since the grey is a color like the nuts (and the screws :P), the wheels seem to be an extension of off the truck base. It doesn’t sound good but trust me… once you try it… holy mother of Estonia, you are in heaven.

I mean… I don’t prefer grey trucks but silver since they are a shiny addition to the base and truck. Unfortunetly, if I am going for a classic fingerboard ‘like-a-sire’ edition, I will have to take the grey x3 from now (if I want my trucks from Yellowood). Other than that, I’ll stick with Blackriver for sometime 😛 It looks like the green brushing colors go faster than red and blue for major reasons, especially with the grey x3 edition. Who would want a dark color like blue or even red (it looks bright but the brushings are quite dark). Everyone takes the brighter color for a neutral color like grey. It’s natural to pick green whether you are boy or girl or other…

35 euros is not bad for trucks like these. 50 euros for the Blackriver trucks are a lot of money for a top quality product but for something similar to quality, you have the Ytrucks. They are a good alternative to Blackriver’s trucks.

Other than that, I feel like grey is a good color to begin working on building your ‘like-a-sir’ set. For some deck ideas, click here and here.

Check out the trucks here!

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